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For links about COVID-19 please see our Patient Information page.

We welcome Dr Dora Klein-Gelbak to our team, starting Friday August 12th.

Quietly getting on with dentistry, Malvern Village Dental Surgery has served the Malvern community well since 1920. Our new look for the building honours the last century of care and anchors it in the new century. The experienced dentists and staff remain the same.

We provide care for all ages and stages of life, from children to great grandparents.

Our team shares a preventative approach to family dentistry.

Knowledge continues to change in Dentistry. All our dentists have shown strong commitment to lifelong learning through their careers, long before this was a Dental Board requirement. As techniques change, so do we.

We have constant concern for children of all ages – from seven to seventy. Empathy, active listening and calm care are valued as well as technical skill. At the reception desk and in the surgery we aim to hear your problem, and find alternative solutions to help you choose the best treatment for your family needs. If we cannot provide this ourselves, a support team of specialists will be offered.

We are open every weekday and every second Saturday morning.

The peak of the winter Influenza and COVID epidemics appears to have passed; care is available for both routine and urgent matters.
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